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Industrial and office luminaires

LAMP TÖÖSTUS LED 3-STEP 20/28/36W 3/4/6K IP65
In Stock
41.39€ / pc. Ex Tax: 33.93€ / pc.
LAMP VT-SAMSUNG 85 PRISMA 1500mm 50W 6000lm
In Stock
32.20€ / pc. Ex Tax: 26.39€ / pc.
LAMP VT-SAMSUNG 84 PRISMA 1200mm 40W 4800lm
In Stock
23.91€ / pc. Ex Tax: 19.60€ / pc.
LAMP VT-SAMSUNG 820 PRISMA 600mm 20W 2400lm
In Stock
11.96€ / pc. Ex Tax: 9.80€ / pc.
LAMP VT-SAMSUNG 810 PRISMA 300mm 10W 1200lm
In Stock
8.41€ / pc. Ex Tax: 6.89€ / pc.
LAMP VT 1249-1200 36W 4320lm 4K IP65 ErP2
In Stock
24.84€ / pc. Ex Tax: 20.36€ / pc.
LAMP 150CM 100W LED 8000lm IP65 4000K
In Stock
50.14€ / pc. Ex Tax: 41.10€ / pc.
LAMP UBE 200W LED 27000lm 4000K DIM IP65
In Stock
124.20€ / pc. Ex Tax: 101.80€ / pc.
LAMP M38 LED 36W IP65 3060lm 127CM 4000K
In Stock
14.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 12.03€ / pc.
In Stock
14.73€ / pc. Ex Tax: 12.07€ / pc.
LAMP 150CM 46W LED 4300lm IP20 4000K LAME
In Stock
15.18€ / pc. Ex Tax: 12.44€ / pc.
LAMP M38 LED 45W IP65 3825lm 157CM 4000K
In Stock
17.10€ / pc. Ex Tax: 14.02€ / pc.
In Stock
11.87€ / pc. Ex Tax: 9.73€ / pc.
LAMP UBE 150W LED 20000lm 4000K DIM IP65
In Stock
96.60€ / pc. Ex Tax: 79.18€ / pc.
In Stock
9.20€ / pc. Ex Tax: 7.54€ / pc.
LAMP UBE 100W LED 13000lm 4000K DIM IP65
In Stock
85.56€ / pc. Ex Tax: 70.13€ / pc.
Plafond 120CM 80W LED 6400lm 4000K IP65
In Stock
40.38€ / pc. Ex Tax: 33.10€ / pc.
Plafond 60CM 40W LED 3200lm 4000K IP65
In Stock
24.11€ / pc. Ex Tax: 19.76€ / pc.
Plafond 120CM 36W 3400lm IP20 4000K LAME
In Stock
11.22€ / pc. Ex Tax: 9.20€ / pc.
Plafond VTAC-SAMSUNG 840 PRISMA 1200 40W 4800lm
In Stock
23.38€ / pc. Ex Tax: 19.16€ / pc.

Product Category - Industrial and Office Luminaires

Industrial and office luminaires fixtures are an essential element in various professional and office environments. Our range includes a variety of brands of industrial and office lighting fixtures that combine quality and functionality.

Brands of Industrial and Office luminaires

Our store features well-known brands of lighting fixtures such as LIMAN, VTAC, OKYANUS, UBE, and others. These brands are known for their high quality and reliability, ensuring a long service life and high performance of the fixtures.

Types of Industrial and Office luminaires

Our range includes various types of lighting fixtures, including ceiling, wall, and pendant models. Additionally, we offer specialized fixtures for office spaces as well as industrial facilities like factories and warehouses.

Characteristics of Industrial and Office luminaires

Our fixtures are distinguished by high brightness, efficiency, and durability. Many of them are equipped with brightness and color temperature adjustment technology, allowing you to customize the lighting according to specific needs.

Advantages of Industrial and Office luminaires

Industrial and office lighting fixtures provide uniform and comfortable illumination, contributing to increased productivity and comfort in the work environment. They are also energy-efficient and can save electricity.

Details Description

Our store offers a wide selection of industrial and office lighting fixtures suitable for various professional and office settings. Our fixtures boast outstanding characteristics and are designed to meet the needs of modern work and office spaces.

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