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Plafond GLOBO 5453-1 40W
In Stock
18.40€ / pc. Ex Tax: 15.08€ / pc.
Wall sconce  GLOBO 5443-1 LORD 3
In Stock
28.43€ / pc. Ex Tax: 23.30€ / pc.
Plafond GLOBO 5443-2 LORD 3
In Stock
50.61€ / pc. Ex Tax: 41.48€ / pc.
Plafond GLOBO 5443-4B LORD 3
In Stock
96.60€ / pc. Ex Tax: 79.18€ / pc.
LED linear luminaire  TL2001-28W T5
In Stock
21.75€ / pc. Ex Tax: 17.83€ / pc.
LED linear luminaire  TL2001-13W T5
In Stock
13.33€ / pc. Ex Tax: 10.93€ / pc.
LED linear luminaire  TL2001-21W T5
In Stock
18.08€ / pc. Ex Tax: 14.82€ / pc.
LED linear luminaire  TL2001-8W T5
In Stock
11.96€ / pc. Ex Tax: 9.80€ / pc.
Plafond IP44 ÜMAR White 100W
In Stock
9.11€ / pc. Ex Tax: 7.47€ / pc.
In Stock
35.88€ / pc. Ex Tax: 29.41€ / pc.
In Stock
0.92€ / pc. Ex Tax: 0.75€ / pc.
Plafond IP44 ÜMAR MUST 100W
In Stock
9.20€ / pc. Ex Tax: 7.54€ / pc.
Plafond GLOBO 5453-1W 40W
In Stock
28.43€ / pc. Ex Tax: 23.30€ / pc.
In Stock
0.92€ / pc. Ex Tax: 0.75€ / pc.
In Stock
12.88€ / pc. Ex Tax: 10.56€ / pc.
Plafond IP44 ÜMAR Grey 100W
In Stock
7.95€ / pc. Ex Tax: 6.52€ / pc.
Plafond IP44 OV/White 60W E27
In Stock
6.44€ / pc. Ex Tax: 5.28€ / pc.
Garage Work Light  60W PLASTVÕREGA
In Stock
11.96€ / pc. Ex Tax: 9.80€ / pc.
Garage Work Light  60W METALLVÕREGA
In Stock
17.48€ / pc. Ex Tax: 14.33€ / pc.
Plafond IP44 OV/HALL 60W E27
In Stock
3.73€ / pc. Ex Tax: 3.06€ / pc.

Category of Products - Lighting Fixtures

Here you will find diverse and stylish solutions for illuminating your home, office, industrial facilities, and other spaces. Our range includes a wide selection of lighting fixtures of various types, styles, and colors to meet all your lighting needs.

Industrial and office luminaires

We provide fixtures specially designed for industrial and office spaces. They offer bright and uniform illumination, promoting comfortable work environments and enhancing productivity.

Flood lamps

Our flood lamps and spotlights offer powerful directional lighting, ideal for illuminating large areas, decorative lighting, and outdoor safety.

Portable lamps

Portable lamps are compact and mobile light sources that allow you to illuminate various areas at any time and in any place. They are perfect for creating atmospheric lighting in your home, outdoors, or even during camping trips.


Spotlights provide cozy and soft illumination in your home. They are suitable for lighting bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and other spaces.


Plafonds offer even and pleasant illumination for any interior. They are ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid areas.

Hanging luminaires

Hanging luminaires add elegance and style to any room. They look great in living rooms, dining areas, or kitchens.

Bathroom luminaires

Our bathroom luminaires combine functionality and aesthetics, providing bright and safe lighting in wet environments.

Outdoor luminaires

Outdoor luminaires provide illumination for outdoor spaces, enhancing safety and creating a pleasant atmosphere in your yard, garden, or on your terrace.

Other household lights

In this category, you will find various residential fixtures, including table lamps, wall sconces, and much more, to meet your lighting needs.

Hanging ceiling luminaires

Hanging ceiling luminaires provide efficient and uniform illumination, perfect for offices, shops, and other commercial spaces.

Transformers and Accessories

To enhance and expand the functionality of your lighting fixtures, we offer a wide selection of transformers and accessories.

Our store takes pride in providing high-quality lighting fixtures and lighting solutions for various needs. We strive to meet all your expectations and assist you in creating perfect lighting in every room of your home or workspace.

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