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Electrical sauna heaters

Electric stove for a sauna  VEGA BC80 8KW R/V
In Stock
367.09€ / pc. Ex Tax: 300.89€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  HARVIA TOP STEEL M80 8kW R/V
In Stock
270.31€ / pc. Ex Tax: 221.57€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  HARVIA TOP STEEL M60 6kW R/V
In Stock
210.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 172.69€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  CILINDRO PC66E 6,6KW MUST
In Stock
459.09€ / pc. Ex Tax: 376.30€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  CILINDRO PC70 7kW
In Stock
440.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 361.21€ / pc.
Power (КW)
Electric stove for a sauna  HARVIA THE WALL SW45 4,5KW STEEL
In Stock
357.87€ / pc. Ex Tax: 293.34€ / pc.
Power (КW)
In Stock
771.88€ / pc. Ex Tax: 632.69€ / pc.
Harvia Vega Electric Heater BC60 6KW R/V
In Stock
348.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 285.80€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  CILINDRO PC66 6,6KW
In Stock
532.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 436.62€ / pc.
Power (КW)
Sauna Heater Vega Compact Electric  ВС35
In Stock
284.28€ / pc. Ex Tax: 233.02€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  HARVIA THE WALL SW80 8KW STEEL
In Stock
454.87€ / pc. Ex Tax: 372.84€ / pc.
Power (КW)
Electric stove for a sauna E PULT XENIO CX110 2,3-11KW
In Stock
394.68€ / pc. Ex Tax: 323.51€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  VEGA COMPACT BC23 R/V
In Stock
275.09€ / pc. Ex Tax: 225.48€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  HUUM STEEL 3,5 KW
In Stock
597.08€ / pc. Ex Tax: 489.41€ / pc.
In Stock
433.16€ / pc. Ex Tax: 355.05€ / pc.
Power (КW)
Electric stove for a sauna  CILINDRO PC90 9kW
In Stock
585.14€ / pc. Ex Tax: 479.62€ / pc.
In Stock
52.44€ / pc. Ex Tax: 42.98€ / pc.
Electric stove for a sauna  HUUM DROP 6 KW
In Stock
643.07€ / pc. Ex Tax: 527.11€ / pc.
In Stock
46.92€ / pc. Ex Tax: 38.46€ / pc.
In Stock
161.00€ / pc. Ex Tax: 131.97€ / pc.

Electric Saunas: True Pleasure in New Designer Solutions

Welcome to SityPro.com, an online store that offers high-quality electric saunas for true comfort and genuine pleasure! We proudly present the finest Harvila and Huum electric heaters, delivering unparalleled quality and stylish designer solutions. Discover new dimensions of relaxation with our electric heaters and create a cozy ambiance in your home.

Harvila Electric Saunas: Quality and Innovations

Harvila - Evolution of Comfort

Taking Relaxation to the Next Level

Harvila is a legendary brand that leads the electric sauna industry. Choosing Harvila means not only acquiring a top-notch electric sauna but also ensuring guaranteed pleasure in every session. Each model is crafted with attention to detail to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Our products embody the latest innovations in the field of leisure and relaxation. Unique technologies provide quick heating and even heat distribution, allowing you to enjoy warmth and comfort without wasting time on waiting. Furthermore, Harvila electric saunas boast modern and stylish designs, harmoniously complementing the interior of your home.

Huum: Harmony of Form and Functionality

Huum - Rejuvenate with Ease

Realize the Superiority

Huum is a brand that cares about your well-being and comfort. Our Huum electric saunas combine elegant design with cutting-edge technologies, providing you with the utmost relaxation experience. We prioritize your health, and that's why all our heaters are made from high-quality materials that eliminate the release of harmful substances.

With Huum, you can rest assured that your sauna experience will be safe and comfortable. Efficient heat distribution and innovative features enable our saunas to achieve high performance with minimal energy consumption. Treat yourself to the rejuvenating atmosphere of authentic relaxation with Huum.

Electric Heaters for Saunas: Style and Functionality

Maximum Flexibility and User-Friendliness

Create Your Own Atmosphere

Our electric saunas come equipped with innovative electric heaters that ensure maximum efficiency and even heat distribution. This technology allows for quick reaching of the desired temperature, offering you pleasant sensations in no time. Choose your optimal temperature and create your own atmosphere of relaxation and coziness.

High Quality and New Designer Solutions

Invest in Comfort

New Horizons of Leisure

SityPro.com takes pride in offering only the highest-quality products that will provide you with genuine pleasure and comfort in the warmth of your own home. Our Harvila and Huum electric saunas are among the best in the market, and we are confident that you will appreciate their efficiency and reliability.

We also provide you with the latest designer solutions that will highlight the uniqueness of your interior. Our products blend modern trends with classic style to meet the demands of the most discerning customers.

So, don't wait and don't postpone your comfort - get your Harvila and Huum electric saunas today and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of true relaxation and joy right at home. SityPro.com is your trusted partner in creating an unforgettable ambiance of comfort and happiness.

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