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The Stoveman 13 sauna heater is intended for creating dry or humid steam in a home sauna.

• Thanks to the large amount of heater stones that block the thermal radiation from its metal surfaces, the Stoveman sauna heater guarantees an enjoyable sauna experience with its mild and long-lasting steam
• Has an improved ventilation system with 6 extra air flow channels on the external walls of the heating unit
• The ventilation tubes get air from the bottom of the heater, and as it heats up, warm air moves up the ducts and out between the top stones of the heater
• The basic model of the sauna heater has a glass door


• All parts of the heater that come into contact with flames are made of 5 mm sheet steel
• The bottom of the sauna heater is made of 3 mm sheet steel
• The ashpan is made of 2 mm sheet steel
• The hand-crafted ash grate is made of 10 x 20 mm square steel

• Metal doorplate (M)
• Heated through the wall (LS)

General information:
• Suitable for sauna rooms with a capacity of 6–13 m³
• Amount of heater stones: up to 110 kg (the stones are not included in the set, the picture is illustrative)
• Smoke outlet: 115 mm
• Equipped with soot flap

Product details

Total weight: 52.00 kg
Package measurements: 44.00 x 43.00 x 70.00 cm

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